One-Design Boats    for Club Races

SDMYC schedules One-design racing on four Saturdays each month. There is "Open Sailing" for any other boats after these races are finished. As you see on our Calendar Page, the order of boat class racing is: Soling, 36/600, DF95 and DF65. So, while we welcome any radio control sailboat to the club, if you want to test your sailing skills, you should buy into one of these four fleet boats.

The Dragon Force 65 and Dragon Flite 95 are one of the most widely sailed RC yachts in the world with thousands sold to date. They excel in a large range of wind conditions and with optional class-legal rigs they can handle about any conditions you can throw at them. Sailing your DF-65 or DF-95 promises close and exciting racing in an affordable and easily maintained design. They make a great choice!

The 36/600 Class is a developmental class. Here you will see many designs in this class of yachts. There are few restrictions beyond the 36-inch hull length and 600 square inches of sail. Design diversity is quite broad with many models to choose from. Their simplicity and size make them a good choice.


The Soling One Meter is based on the full-sized Olympic Soling. It is a popular boat not only in our club but in R/C sailing. The 39.37-inch length hull, the10lb boat is a one design boat. The one design class allows few variations. The philosophy is to provide equality in a low-cost model suitable for introducing newcomers to the hobby while offering enough performance to keep long-time model sailors interested and challenged.


The US 12 R/C sailboat is a beautiful full keeled model yacht, however only a few members still have one and are sailed on a limited basis.