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The Sale Locker is where our members can offer their boats and other R/C equipment for sale. Send the Webmaster an email with a short description, price and contact info regarding your sale. Also, a jpg photo is helpful for shoppers to see exactly what you are selling.

Buyers, CAVEAT EMPTOR, just like buying anything you have to know what you are buying.

SDMYC, its officers and members in no way warrants the items sold here as to fitness, representation, or quality. This is strictly a posting site. The ultimate satisfaction is a function of the buyer and the seller!

Items for Sale:


An AMEN Design Group boat, "Pointing 36". Fiber glass hull # 157, copyright 1977. AMYA registered #121.

Sails are Ken Bauser with aluminum mast and carbon fiber booms. Futaba S3802 sail servo and Hitec HS-81 rudder servo.

Monocote deck. Ready to sail with addition of radio, receiver and battery.

Asking $250.00

Contact: Barney Senff at:

EC 12

Hull: Robin Number 123

Sail number 1911

Sails: A1, A2, B they are John B sail

includes many extra sails and sail case.

Drum winch by RMG.

Carrying support/cradle

Needed : your radio/receiver and batteries.

Removeable controls ( see second picture ).

All for only $700.00

Contact: Richard Sbordone at

36/600 Venom

Hull #324

Sails A, B, C numbered 14 With sail case.

Just needs your radio/receiver and batteries.

Good deal for only $750.

Contact: Richard Sbordone at

DF 95

Has the green hull.

Have a selection of sails, talk with me and make the deal and pick a set.

Great 95 asking $250.

Contact: Richard Sbordone at sbordone@comcast.