Sale Locker

The Sale Locker is where our members can offer their boats and other R/C equipment for sale. Send the Webmaster an email with a short description, price and contact info regarding your sale. Also, a jpg photo is helpful for shoppers to see exactly what you are selling.

Buyers, CAVEAT EMPTOR, just like buying anything you have to know what you are buying.

SDMYC, its officers and members in no way warrants the items sold here as to fitness, representation, or quality. This is strictly a posting site. The ultimate satisfaction is a function of the buyer and the seller!

Items for Sale:

Completely refurbished Soling - Sail No. 144 Price $250

Offered by Roger Smith member of the South Daytona Model Yacht Club

Open the link above to see photos.

Boat has new paint, new servos and new sails, Radio and battery is not included.

This boat holds its own in races.

Contact Roger at